Friday, February 22, 2008

Vince Wouldn't Lie

Many of my fellow bloggers here have tried to point out the commercials that drive them nuts. I want to take a different angle. I want to bring the love. As in "I love Shamwow!"

I need this thing. I sat mesmerized by the things the cloth did on the commercial. All sensibility went out of my brain.

It’s a good thing they don’t see Shamwow in stores because I would have at least a dozen now. Having to order via the phone gave me pause, but now I know I can order online, which is pretty dangerous. My frugal wife is even on board. “We need that,” she said.

We have some leaks in our basement, and I want to just buy boxes of Shamwows and put them from end to end. We could just wring them out after the rain seeped in and go on our merry way. Twenty times its weight in liquid! Fifty percent of the cola! It acts like a vaccuum!

How can you not want this product the way Vince sells it? They have real-life people singing its praises. It's made in Germany. You have to get this.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. There's something hypnotic about it. I watch the spot every time it's on. Vince makes you feel like he could care less if you bought Shamwow, but you'd be smart if you did. The headset mic only adds to his persona of being too busy doing real work to deal with you new customers, but he's respectful at the same time. Brilliant character development.